USA Today

Somebody at USA Today likes Moon Hotel Lounge Project! read more

Speakeasy Blog, Wall Street Journal

Here's a (truncated) Q&A I did with Steven Kurutz of the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy Blog.... read more

Scripps-Howard review

Here's a review by Chuck Campbell that has run in several newspapers.... read more

Pop Matters

Here's another piece from Pop Matters -- a bit kinder and gentler than the first! read more

Philadelphia Inquirer

Here's a piece about Moon Hotel Lounge Project that ran Sunday, January 23 at my old stomping grounds, the Philadelphia Inquirer! read more

Philadelphia City Paper

Cover story in the 1/20 edition of Philadelphia's alt-weekly, City Paper. read more

NPR Music's A Blog Supreme

So the questions from critics have been flying, and the ones found here, from the lively NPR jazz blog, turned out to be among the most thoughtful! Plus, ... read more

New York Times "Preoccupations" column

I wrote a brief column about my experience as a critic/musician that was published March 20 in the New York Times' Sunday Business section. read more

Magnet Magazine poll

I'm conflicted about these polls and popularity contests. But I'm also a shameless self-promoter, so here goes: This weekend Magnet Magazine, home of "real ... read more


This piece on Moon Hotel Lounge Project appeared on the LA Times website and in the print version of the paper on 1.5.11. read more

Jonathan Takiff Review

Here's a review by Jonathan Takiff that ran in the Philadelphia Daily News. read more

Huffington Post

So what does one do as an indie artist when the Huffington Post sends over some questions via email? One sets aside raised-eyebrow questions about free content ... read more

Gary Graff Review

Here's a review by veteran music critic Gary Graff that has run in several newspapers, including one in Palm Beach, Fla. read more